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Tradomal Anti-Malaria Green Tea Eliminates Flu, Mosquito Repellent and Knocks Out Malaria Within 24 Hours

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Discover the Power of Tradomal Anti-Malaria Green Tea

The Malaria Solution We’ve All Been Waiting For

Malaria is a persistent problem in Nigeria, affecting millions every year. In my quest for a reliable solution, I came across Tradomal Anti-Malaria Green Tea, which promises not only to treat but also to prevent malaria infections. Unlike conventional treatments, Tradomal is 100% organic, ensuring that I am not introducing harmful chemicals into my body. This tea is clinically proven and approved by NAFDAC with registration number A7-2605L, giving me confidence in its safety and effectiveness.

Unique Benefits of Tradomal Anti-Malaria Green Tea

1. Fast Action Against Malaria

One of the standout features of Tradomal is its rapid action. It claims to knock out malaria within 24 hours. This is particularly important for acute and complicated cases of malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum, the most dangerous malaria parasite. For anyone weighing more than 3kg, this tea is a viable treatment option.

2. 100% Organic and Natural Ingredients

Tradomal is made from the extract of Senna, known for its potent antiplasmodium properties. This means it actively fights the malaria parasite while being gentle on my body. The tea is an antioxidant, with antibacterial properties, ensuring that it not only combats malaria but also boosts my overall health.

3. Mosquito Repellent Properties

Another impressive feature of Tradomal is its mosquito-repellent effect. This dual action not only treats malaria but also helps prevent mosquito bites, reducing the chances of future infections. This makes Tradomal a comprehensive solution in the fight against malaria.

4. Suitable for All Ages

One of the concerns I had was finding a malaria treatment that is safe for everyone in my family, including children and pregnant women. Tradomal addresses this concern with its gentle yet effective formulation, making it suitable for all age groups.

5. Made in Nigeria, Trusted by Nigerians

Tradomal is proudly made in Nigeria and has been tested and trusted by many. Its local origin means that it is formulated with the specific needs of Nigerians in mind, making it highly effective in our environment.

How Tradomal Stands Out Among Competitors

When comparing Tradomal to top competitors like Jumia, Konga.com, Amazon, and Jiji.ng, several aspects make it a superior choice:

Jumia and Konga.com:

These platforms offer a wide range of anti-malaria products, but many are chemically based and may not provide the same level of safety and health benefits as Tradomal. Most products listed are not 100% organic, which can be a significant drawback for health-conscious consumers.


Amazon’s global marketplace includes many anti-malaria treatments, but finding one that is specifically tailored for the Nigerian market can be challenging. Tradomal’s local production ensures it is perfectly suited for combating malaria in Nigeria, addressing specific environmental and biological factors that global products may not consider.


While Jiji.ng offers various health products, the reliability and approval status of these products can vary. Tradomal’s NAFDAC approval provides a level of assurance that is crucial for medical treatments. Additionally, Tradomal’s mosquito-repellent properties and fast action set it apart from many products available on Jiji.ng.

Why I Choose Tradomal

1. Comprehensive Health Benefits

Tradomal not only treats malaria but also offers antioxidant and antibacterial benefits, promoting overall health. Its analgesic properties provide relief from the pain and discomfort often associated with malaria, ensuring a more comfortable recovery process.

2. Preventive Measures

The mosquito repellent effect is a game-changer. By using Tradomal, I am not just treating malaria; I am actively preventing future infections. This is especially important in high-risk areas where mosquito bites are frequent.

3. Safe for Everyone

Knowing that Tradomal is safe for children, adults, and pregnant women gives me peace of mind. I can use this product for my entire family without worrying about side effects or adverse reactions.

4. Trusted and Proven

With NAFDAC approval and a strong track record in Nigeria, Tradomal is a trusted solution. Its local production means it has been tested and proven effective in our specific conditions.

Testimonials and User Experiences

John from Lagos:

“I have been using Tradomal for a few months now, and it has completely changed how I deal with malaria. The quick relief and preventive properties are unmatched. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with malaria.”

Aisha from Abuja:

“As a mother, finding a safe malaria treatment for my kids was a priority. Tradomal has been a lifesaver. It’s gentle, and effective, and my kids actually like the taste!”

Emeka from Enugu:

“I’ve tried various malaria treatments over the years, but Tradomal stands out. Its natural composition and fast action make it my go-to solution for malaria.”

Tradomal Anti-Malaria Green Tea is a revolutionary product that addresses malaria treatment and prevention in a holistic, natural, and effective manner. Its 100% organic composition, fast action, and mosquito-repellent properties make it a superior choice over other products in the market. Approved by NAFDAC and trusted by Nigerians, Tradomal offers peace of mind and a healthier life free from malaria.

By choosing Tradomal, I am not only taking a step towards personal health but also contributing to the fight against malaria in Nigeria. This product is a testament to the power of natural remedies and the importance of supporting locally-made solutions. With Tradomal, we can envision a future where malaria is no longer a threat to our well-being.

Purchase Tradomal Anti-Malaria Green Tea Today

Join the many who have made the switch to a healthier, malaria-free life with Tradomal. Available on major online platforms and trusted local stores, it’s time to experience the difference for yourself. Take control of your health with Tradomal and say goodbye to malaria for good.




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