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PPOil+ Extra Treated Multipurpose Oil for Generator, Vehicle- 1Pcs

Functions of PPOil+ Extra Treated Oil
1. Anti-Rust Agent
Lubricant oil preserves the engine system from being corrosive and keeps it looking new without rusting and wearing easily
2. Noise Reduction
The higher viscosity protects the engine gear from rubbing against each other and ensures even distribution throughout the system
3. Multi-Purpose Oil
Can be used on generators, cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, or ships, and It doesn’t matter what type of engine system you use.
4. Keeps Engine Cool
PPOil lubricant oil prevents the burning and hotness of the engine system while keeping the engine gear cool during continual usage.
5. Anti-Wear
High-viscosity oil prevents the engine system from being worn out while the engine is working or after it has been used for heavy duties.

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We deliver affordable, low-cost, increased productivity, and improved quality engine oil in the Nigerian mass engine oil market.

PPOIL supplies best-in-class products to the general household, our engine oil can improve product performance, and decrease machine wear and tear thus lowering the overall operating costs for the individual.
PPOIL Group sees this plan as a comprehensive way to help you achieve maximum value by using PPOIL Plus extra-treated products in the most effective way.

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