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About your Cash-on-Delivery (COD) Orders

When you make orders through the Poppayai cash-on-delivery portal or a partner network you will be given absolute control over what happens to your funds. Login to your Cash-On-delivery cloud account to access your funds. You may decide to withdraw your funds within 24 hours if you choose to change your mind or you may release the funds after the item has arrived at your location. Read what may happen if you choose not to release the money to the seller after successful delivery.

After successful delivery, you are expected to release the funds from your cloud account to the seller’s bank account to enable the seller get paid for their items. You will be given a grace period of 24 hours optimum to review your order delivery once item is received to the shipping location.

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…However, if the delivery is not successful or the customer is not pleased with the item delivery this may happen:

For orders that failed during the delivery process. You may submit a dispute on our help center and your funds will be refunded back to your cloud account where you can use to shop from a different seller. Poppayai will learn from your delivery success rate and recommend the best supplier for all your shopping prefence.

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INTRODUCTION: What is the Poppayai Cash-On-Delivery payment method? Poppayai uses escrow technology, and R & D, application to facilitate trusted trades between buyer and seller. Buyers can be able to purchase goods without paying directly to the seller. The money is transferred to a third-party layer on the cloud which can only be accessible by the buyer. Log in to your dashboard to access your cash-on-delivery account.

As a Poppayai user, you should go to your dashboard to release funds and withdraw new funds from your Cash-on-Delivery (COD) cloud. Have fun!

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